Climbing trees


I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the Taylor’s at their holiday home on the Victorian East Coast. The children were an absolute delight and loved me following them around to take pictures of them at their awesome holiday retreat. The Taylor’s along with 5 other couples, bought a property by the beach some 10 years ago. Their unique set up made me very envious. The families share a communal space – xxsq metres which includes a lounge area, dining area, large galley kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a laundry at the back. Each family also have a private cabin where they can retreat for private time and to sleep. The Taylor’s have two nineteenth century train carriages – one for the kids and one for the parents. The carriages each have an open fire for winter warmth and beds for the family and guests. I’m sure the kids don’t get much sleep with their own private train carriage to play in away from Mum and Dad’s eyes and ears.

The property backs onto the beach, just a short walk through the gorgeous tea tree forrest. With no formal path, I was impressed that the kids found their way home walking through the trees. The property is an amazing place for the family to get away with manay activities for the kids including a cubby house, trampoline, trees to play in and of course, the beach. I was given the grand tour by Sienna, who soent much of the weekend with me (hence so many photos in the album of her!). Each of the kids loved being in front of the camera, I am really pleased with the shots we got. Take a look at the Taylor’s gallery in the portfolio section.